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The Illusionist

“Stained glass instinctively directs our thinking towards cathedrals, basilicas, churches. The mentalities of the past always required rigor, sometimes austerity, conformity and respect for the rules. The subjects treated were reduced to religious scenes or to historical events generally reserved for the great of this world.

Today, they explode brilliantly thanks to the immense plurality of the human spirit and the so fertile imagination of the artists who have the power to make it happen and the talent to express it.

Originally a graphic designer, Pascal Rieu has the soul of a painter and masters the classicism of the technique, thus putting it at the service of his romantic and creative spirit. His style combines the powerful sobriety of the visual with the softness of the detail, he tames the colors so that it is the shadow and the light that govern them. Like an illusionist, he possesses the magic formulas that transform a simple crow dressed all in black into a bird of paradise. It delivers with finesse on a glossy medium the wonderful images that make our minds the traveler of the infinite, each according to his own identity, with his differences and his diversity. ”

Text: François Gagnepain

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Pascal Rieu - Atelier de l'Artisan du Vitrail - Maitre Artisan d'Art.jpg
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