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The workshop participates in the European Days of Crafts (JEMA) 2022

Les Journées Européennes des Métiers d'Art 2022 chez l'Artisan du Vitrail

After two years of interruption (Covid-19), the European Days of Crafts are back, from March 28 to April 3, 2022!


JEMA : what is it?

This event, created in 2002 on the initiative of the National Institute of Crafts, has enjoyed growing success from year to year. The principle is simple: the art workshops open their doors for a few days, to talk about their profession, present their know-how and their creations to the public. Ceramists, cabinetmakers, luthiers, mosaicists, upholsterers, ironworkers, saddlers, engravers… All these craftsmen have one thing in common: to exercise with passion secular trades, known or less known, or that we thought disappeared.

2022, internation year of glass

Last May, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2022 the International Year of Glass. The JEMA will therefore take on a very special dimension and will celebrate, more than ever, the know-how of glass artisans, stained glass artists, glassblowers and glass engravers.

One question, one answer

Even if artistic professions are enjoying some success with the public, many people still have questions about these secular professions and the techniques used. How does the piano maker manage to give warmth to a sound? What is the cabinetmaker's trick for making perfect miter cuts? How does a craftsman's working day unfold?

Façade de l'atelier de l'Artisan du Vitrail
My workshop, in the old Tours

For 2 days, I will be able to answer all your questions about my job as a stained glass artist. I will show you the tools I use, also do glass painting demonstrations and explain everything you want to know about my job. And if you have no questions, you can discover my creations and see what it is possible to achieve with stained glass techniques.

Création et restauration de vitraux
Restauration of an old stained glass and creation of a contemporary one - Photo © Ville de Tours / F. Lafite

More we are, better it is!

Shortly after settling in Tours, I joined Le Quartier des Arts, an association in old Tours that brings together craftsmen, artists and art galleries from the Petit Saint-Martin district (my neighborhood! ). And for the first time since its existence, in 2014, the association will participate in JEMA. The Quartier des Arts is also a collective of 25 players in the art professions: artists, craftsmen, gallery owners, painters, graphic designers, sculptors, ceramists, cabinetmakers, luthier, painting restorer... We have finally published on our brochure a marked trail that allows tourists and Tourangeaux to stroll through the heart of Old Tours, between historical monuments and crafts.

To conclude...

A heritage of exceptional richness and unique in the world, French craftsmanship has been experiencing a revival and renewed interest among the public for several years. Unfortunately, for fear of hindering or disturbing, few people dare to enter the workshops. These days are therefore a unique opportunity for the public to meet these craftsmen, to dialogue, to discover their creations and to learn a little more about their profession.

For more information on the event or to know the program for your region, you can consult the official website of the European Days of Crafts. And if you are in the Tours region, you will find all the information about my programming on my JEMA page or that of the Quartier des Arts.

Come many, there are so many beautiful things to see!




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